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Bonsai Care Calendar. Click Here to view the main page which has PDF files for viewing and printing. The information is for Portland, Oregon. Slightly different micro climates than ours.

Clubs & Organizations – Pacific Northwest Bonsai Clubs Association. – American Bonsai Society.

Look up these bonsai clubs around Vancouver;

West Coast Bonsai Club. North Vancouver

Nikkei Bonsai Club. Burnaby

VJGA, Sumi Bonsai Club. Vancouver –

BC Bonsai Society. South Surrey. –

Bonsai Web Links – A broad scope of information by Harry Harrington, an active author and seasoned bonsai artist. The species guide is an invaluable feature of the website.

bjorvalabonsaistudio – American bonsai artist(Trained in Japan). Check out his video series Bonsai Art of Japan on youtube. Bjorn now has his own Bonsai Nursery. (See below) – Bonsai Artist Michael Hagedorn(Trained in Japan). Garden based out of Oregon. (See below) – Bonsai nursery and school of Ryan Neil(Trained in Japan), located in Oregon. Also the home of Mirai Live. (See below) – Jonas Dupuich’s bonsai blog. Many helpful, easy to read articles. He also sells some tools and supplies, including Kaneshin products. – A website featuring bonsai information, online bonsai courses and much more. They produce exceptional short videos on their website and on youtube. (See below) – A high quality website and international magazine. – An exceptional European bonsai publication. Available in English as of 2014.

Bonsai Video Playlist (youtube) – The best bonsai videos on youtube, all in one place. Free to watch!

Bonsai Goods (Tools, pots, supplies & trees)

Bonsai Floral Gardens, B.C. Lower Mainland – An established bonsai and pre-bonsai nursery. Selling a small variety of trees. Some material exceeding 40 years of age.

Art et Culture Bonsai, Quebec – Mail order pots, tools and more. Ships Canada Post.

Lee Valley, Vancouver – Basic starter bonsai tools(fair quality Japanese), aluminum bonsai wire, watering cans & hose attachments, 12″ soil grader(riddle).

Garden Works, Mandeville & North Vancouver – Average nursery stock trees and shrubs. Pumice by the bag. Cheap, low quality bonsai pots.

Tokoname Bonsai Pots, Japan – The newly updated website for Tokoname bonsai pots. Information, links, catalogues and you can now order pots.

China Pottery, Richmond – China Pottery Trading Ltd. A pottery importer. Low to fair quality bonsai pots.

Kaneshin, Japan(online ordering) – Manufacturer and retailer of good quality bonsai tools and goods.

American Bonsai Tool & Supply Co., USA(online ordering) – Tools, wire, pots and more.

Anton Nijhuis, Vancouver Island – Horticulturist and Arborist. Yamadori collector in Campbell River, BC. He is known to have Shore Pine, Mountain Hemlock and Cedar.

Art’s Nursery, Surrey – Nursery trees and shrubs. The largest selection and variety at the best prices in the Lower Mainland.

Keepers Of The Green, North Vancouver – Bonsai care services. Soil mixes may be available for purchase in limited supply. Contact David.

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