See the lower portion of the page for stockists and suppliers. – BC Bonsai Society. South Surrey. – Pacific Northwest Bonsai Clubs Association. – American Bonsai Society. – A broad scope of information by Harry Harrington, an active author and seasoned bonsai artist. One of the best sources of information online. The species guide is an invaluable feature of the website.

bjorvalabonsaistudio – American bonsai artist(Trained in Japan). Check out his video series Bonsai Art of Japan on youtube. Some of the best content out there on interesting subject matter. – Fantastic bonsai Artist Michael Hagedorn(Trained in Japan). Garden based out of Oregon. – Bonsai nursery and school of Ryan Neil(Trained in Japan), located in Oregon. Also the home of Mirai Live. – Jonas Dupuich’s bonsai blog. Many helpful, easy to read articles. He also sells some tools and supplies, including Kaneshin products. – A website featuring some solid information and web links. They produce exceptional short videos on their website and on youtube. – Reddit, for bonsai. A helpful resource with active members worldwide. – A high quality website and international magazine. – Website of Esprit Bonsai Magazine. An exceptional European bonsai publication. Available in English as of 2014. They also produce quality catalogs and magazines of annual exhibitions.

Walter Pall (website)Walter Pall (blog) – Should need no introduction. He is a legendary European bonsai artist.

Bonsai Video Playlist(youtube) – A collection of high quality bonsai videos from the web. Tips and techniques to exhibition showcases and bonsai gardens.



The next BIG BONSAI EVENT in North America is coming. Sept 14 – 16, 2018. Visit Bonsai Rendezvous.

Below are sources of material and products that are attainable to those living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Last updated January 3 2018

* indicates sources used and recommended by East Van Bonsai members.

Lee Valley, * Vancouver – Basic bonsai tools(Japanese), aluminum bonsai wire, watering cans & hose attachments, 12″ soil grader(riddle).

Garden Works, * Mandeville & North Vancouver – Nursery stock trees and shrubs. Soil(pumice by the bag). Cheap, small bonsai pots.

China Pottery* Richmond – China Pottery Trading Ltd. A pottery importer. Bonsai pots.

Iker Bonsai Pots, USA(online ordering) – Not local by any means, but Mr. Iker has been shipping to Canadian customers for over 20 years. Reasonably priced hand-made pots.

Ashley Keller Art, Ontario Canada – Hand made bonsai pots. Commissions available with up to 5 clay colours to choose from.

Tokoname Bonsai Pots, Order Japanese bonsai pots online via email.

Stone Lantern, * USA(online ordering) – Bonsai tools, books and more. Back issues of Bonsai Today. The main downside for Canadians is the expensive and slow shipping.

Kaneshin, * Japan(online ordering) – Manufacturer and retailer of quality bonsai tools and goods. This company has almost everything, including an English language website, great customer service and very fast and fair shipping rates.

American Bonsai Tool & Supply Co.* USA(online ordering) – Tools, wire, pots and more.

Anton Nijhuis, Vancouver Island – Horticulturist and Arborist. Yamadori collector in Campbell River, BC.

Naturise, * Richmond – Bonsai grower and retailer. A variety of tree types. The website has little information. Don’t judge by the old images, but go and see for yourself. I enjoyed my visit in late July 2016 as Wendy was an excellent host. Among many species I saw black pine, malus, pomegranate, juniper, spruce, maple and many more.

Art’s Nursery, * Surrey – Nursery stock trees and shrubs. Sphagnum moss by the bag/brick. A small selection of bonsai pots. A wide variety of conifers, deciduous and broadleaf evergreens. The largest selection at the best prices.

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