Bonsai Mirai’s Ryan Neil has been doing a lot for Bonsai in North America. Most of us are no stranger to his work. Mirai Live is an online learning tool which streams live bonsai videos weekly. The archive is accessible for subscribers to watch again and again to hone their skills. Thus far, two of the archive videos are free for viewing. The Beech Forest and Spring Fundamentals videos are incredible. Watching them myself has quickly expanded my own knowledge which made subscribing to Mirai Live an easy decision. Check it out for yourself.



Mirai Live is worth a look see. The video of this Beech Forest is well done. It’s especially informative for anyone planning their own forest planting. I myself am developing a group of Styrax(Japanese Snowbell) which I just re-potted. My trees require more time for root ball development and better branch structure, but are on their way. Anyway, check out Bonsai Mirai’s free video in the link below. If you’re also interested in a great book to pick up; Forest, Rock Planting & Ezo Spruce Bonsai by Saburo Kato is available from multiple sources.



The New East Vancouver Bonsai Society(NEVBS) has been renamed to EAST VAN BONSAI. The group is now committed to holding monthly meetings or outings. The group will meet on the 4th Monday of the month, with some exceptions.

East Van Bonsai; meets on the 4th Monday of most months.

7pm – 9pm usualy at 621 Kingsway, Vancouver BC

Contact by email or drop in to a meeting.