A winner has been determined! Congratulations to Shiho who guessed correctly, Japanese Maple and Larch were two correct guesses. There was also a hornbeam and styrax.

East Van Bonsai is pleased to announce Spring Give Away #2! This prize includes a new set of bonsai shears and tweezers.




Why don’t we bare-root or wash the roots of coniferous bonsai during a re-pot? We are told that the tree relies on the beneficial fungi which lives among the roots. Removing too much of this will greatly impair the tree. I’m no expert, so just have a listen to Tom Wessels here. This is an interesting video which sheds some light on the subject and includes some pretty neat footage. Enjoy! The topic of discussion begins at 11:52 in the video.


East Van Bonsai is pleased to announce that we are offering a free bonsai prize package. Spring Give Away #1 includes three bags of Green Balance pellet fertilizer and a mini starter set of aluminum bonsai wire. Wire included is 2 small rolls of 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 4.5mm.



Deciduous trees! For those who have come to our bonsai nights or know me personally, well you are probably aware of how much I love deciduous trees. Apart from five conifers, all my bonsai are deciduous. European artists like Walter Pal really grab my attention with their natural looking, collected trees. Bonsai artist Marija Hajdic in Croatia is another to take note of. Her deciduous bonsai are incredible. Especially the collected prunus and carpinus. Here is a short video produced by Bonsai Empire (bonsaiempire.com) which shows one of her trees. More on Marija Hajdic below.

The website is meledabonsai.com . There are trees available for sale, but only shipped across Europe. We can dream. Have a look at her website to see the outstanding work she has been doing. For a deciduous bonsai fanatic such as myself, she is nothing short of inspiring.


The East Van Bonsai website has undergone some small cosmetic changes. New resources have been added under the bonsai stockists and suppliers section. Check out all the bonsai related resources and stay tuned for more updates this spring. We are hoping to put together a show and sale this year. Fingers crossed, but we shall wait and see. Use the menu buttons or click HERE for the resources page.