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Brandon – Full-time plant designer and bonsai beginner. Online handle, brando_botanical. Instagram

Sarah – Plant/flower shop owner, gardener and botanical designer.

Reg – Practicing bonsai 25+ years. Member of West Coast Bonsai and Nikkei Bonsai Club.

Mike S. – Bonsai beginner and woodworker, focusing on conifers.

Howie – Artist, bonsai beginner 4+ years.

Matt – Member of West Coast Bonsai and Nikkei Bonsai Club. Interested in yamadori and using collected native(North American) trees.

Mike N. – Bonsai beginner. Interested in fruiting trees, interesting landscapes and innovative compositions. Instagram; @mikenaughxton

Evan – Bonsai beginner.

David – 15+ years practicing bonsai. Member of West Coast Bonsai Club.

Kennedy – Vancouver based artist. Ceramicist with a new love for bonsai pots. Contact him for commissions.

Peter B. – Bio to come.

Mark C. – Bonsai beginner.

Adam M. Bonsai beginner.

Mabel – Bio to come.

Thank you to East Van Bonsai’s contributing members. In no particular order; Mike S., David, Reg, Mike N., Graehme, Peter B. and Sarah. These individuals have contributed either funds, their time or their bonsai knowledge to aid East Van Bonsai.