After 4 years of friendship and learning, as of 2020, we are not holding regular bonsai nights or monthly meetings. For now, East Van Bonsai will remain an online source for bonsai information. If you are looking for a local club, a retailer or grower, please see the resources page for many useful links. Thank you.

Founded in April of 2016, our objective is to share information and resources on the art of bonsai. 


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7 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Anton I am a bonsai/penjing artist living in upstate ny. I have been on site cultivating and collecting eastern hemlocks for several years now and mostly planting them on rock or driftwood with some success. I am trying to find some western or mountain hemlock as I love these trees. And your style of presenting them. Do you have any you would be willing to sell or can you point me to someone who might. Thanks and I will continue to follow your page for inspiration. Scott Irwin scottjirwin@gmail.com


    1. Hi Scott. There is some confusion here. I am not Anton. He is not affiliated with EVB. We do have a link to Anton’s website on our resources page if you wish to contact him.


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