Before that magical bonsai tree of yours reaches the refinement stage, focus should be on growth and development. A shallow ceramic pot looks great, but may not be ideal for optimum growth. Wooden training boxes allow for bespoke dimensions to accommodate any size of tree. By allowing your tree to build up it’s resources and develop a strong(compact) root system, you propel it’s rate of growth, moving the tree ahead. There is good reason why bonsai professionals use boxes. Here are some benefits of using training crates.


1. Build to size, any size. Finding the perfect dimensions in a training pot for your tree can be challenging. Make your box to any specs.

2. Inexpensive. Buy affordable planks of wood. Use wood you find or already have.

3. Easy to customize. Attach handles for large heavy trees. Fasten screws in the wood for guide-wire mounting points or tie-down wires to secure on the bench or railing.

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East Van Bonsai’s next meeting is Monday March 26.

621 Kingsway, Vancouver. 7-9pm.

The monthly meetings are drop-in socials. Bring your trees and tools, or just your questions. Donations are always welcome! Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

What’s happening at the meeting? Spring is here! The entire month is all about cleaning bonsai benches and trees. Many species can be re-potted(or have been already). Structural pruning can be done on certain species as well. Set your trees up for a strong and healthy growing season.

Just announced. This month will feature some work of local ceramicists. One of a kind hand-made bonsai pots will be on display. The artists are based here in Vancouver.

More info; View helpful pages listed on the home screen. Or click these links. About EVB + Calander, Resources, and Members page.

Space Access; Enter through the front gate. The space is wheelchair accessible. Parking can be found along 15th Ave(East of the shop), on Kingsway or around Robson Park(to the West).

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