Bonsai pots complete a composition and compliment the overall design of a tree. Much more than merely a vessel for a plant, they are an art in themselves. With so many choices, shapes and colours one can get lost for hours looking at pots in a studio or online. I sure do.

This little 80 page booklet, Introduction To Bonsai Pots, is published by The American Bonsai Society. It has been a helpful tool in learning more about types of pots, how they’re made and where they come from. It even has a gallery of chop marks to help identify a pots origins. Don’t judge this book by its cover. It’s available through


Finding anything from training pots to show quality pots has been a challenge for me here in Vancouver. There seems to be very few bonsai shops or local sources. Having pots shipped is an option, though a costly one.

Check this out;

Below is a link to a website which has high quality pots for sale in Oregon. Worth the drive perhaps? What sort of bonsai pots cater to your aesthetic? Here are some really neat pots that tickle my fancy. Photos are from Bonsai Mirai.








  1. Mike says:

    I’m sure you knew of Sunrise Bonsai in E. Van which closed about a year ago.

    One source I’ve found for affordable pots (unglazed, chinese) is the Goats on a roof store in Coombs. Not exactly local, but if you happen to be on the island it’s worth a stop. Their garden store also stocks a decent supply of maples.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Kikori Japanese Antiques used to be located on East Hastings east of Nanaimo but has since moved to the Main Street area. A few years ago I visited their store and they just received their shipment from Japan, and had some used bonsai pots. They were good pots in various sized and at $5 per pot, I bought a bunch of them. Might be good to visit and ask if they still get them.


    1. brandobotanical says:

      Thank you for the comment. It’s odd that I haven’t noticed this place. Here is that website for anyone to check out. They are closed Monday’s.


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